Autumn/Winter Pack


This variety pack contain 20 of our favourite cool weather varieties. Suitable from Southern Qld down to Melbourne and all of South Australia. 



Bean- Aquadulce (Broad Bean)

Beetroot- Detroit Dark Red

Broccoli- Di Ciccio

Broccoli- Romanesco

Cabbage- Savoy Green Vertus

Carrot- All Seasons

Cauliflower- Early Jesi

Celery- Tall Utah

Kale- Dwarf Blue Curled

Leek- American Flag

Lettuce- Great Lakes

Onion- Amposta Purple

Onion- Bunching Red Beard

Onion- Early Creamgold

Pea- Sugar Snap Bon

Radish- Golden

Radish- Pink Celebration

Rocket- Salad

Spinach- Black Magic

Swiss Chard- Fordhork


All seed information and directions can be found on individual packs within the Autumn/Winter Pack.

Autumn/Winter Pack 20 pack