Herbal Tea Pack Contains:

Spearmint- Use the Leaves of the spearmint plant. the benefits are a remedy for digestive issues and causing a calming effect.


Chamomile- Use the buds of this plant. The benefits are to relax you and settle a sour stomach.


Hyssop- Use the leaves of this plant. The benefits are said to be digestive and intestinal issues, intestinal gas, colic and loss of appetite, coughs, colds and sore throat.


Calendula- Use the Flower heads. Calendula is know for its Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. It is usually apply directly to the wound.


Lemon Balm- Use the leaves. Benefits mood stability, stress, depression, cognitive fuctioning.


NOTE: Plants can have wonderful healing properties however they can also be dangerous is used incorrectly. Please ensure you do your research and gather knowledge about how to use herbs before applying or ingesting anything.

Herbal Tea Pack 5 Packs