Herbal Tea Pack



Feverfew- Use the Flower heads of this plant. The benefits are a remedy for preventing headaches.


Hyssop- Use the leaves of this plant. The benefits are said to be digestive and intestinal issues, intestinal gas, colic and loss of appetite, coughs, colds and sore throat.


Lavender- Use the flower heads. It is suggested to possess anticonvulsant, antidepressive, anxiolytic, sedative and calming properties.


Calendula- Use the Flower heads. Calendula is known for its Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. It is usually applied directly to the wound.


Lemon Balm- Use the Leaves before flowering. Traditionally used to treat stress, aid sleep, digestive problems, and pms issues.


Valerian- Use the root of this plant. Thought to benefit sleep issues and relaxation.


Echinacea- Use the buds of this plant. Traditionally used to treat the common cold, coughs, respiratory issues and some inflammatory conditions.


WARNING: Plants can have wonderful healing properties however they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please ensure you do your research and gather knowledge about how to use medicinal plants before applying or ingesting anything. Always consult your doctor for any health issue before using medicinal plants.


Medicinal Herb Pack 7 Packs