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  • How are small seeds counted?
    Seeds numbers are an approximation and are weighed. It is likely you will receive more seeds than the number stated as we slightly overweigh to ensure you recieve more than the minimum number stated.
  • What is the difference between direct sow and raise seedling?
    Direct sow- means to plant the seed directly into your garden bed or pot. This is usually for small seeds or plants that do not like to be transplanted once they are established. Raise seedlings- most seeds suggest raise seedlings. This is a more successful method of starting your seeds as you are able to control a number of settlings such as soil mosture, temperature, and sun exposure. Once your seedling has 2-3 sets of true leaves, its time to transplant out into the garden.
  • How should I plant my seed to ensure it germinates?
    Take your seed tray, small pot, or paper cup and fill with seed raising mix til the soil is half an inch for the top. Us your thumb to lightly press all the soil down so that it is firm. Place your seed onto the surface of the soil and then cover with additional soil. Follow the seed package instuctions about how deep the seed should be, and cover with enough soil. Pat the soil down so that the seed is nice and snug. If you dont press the soil down and the seed is not in contact with soil if will not be able to germinate.
  • How much should I water my seeds?
    Initially, when you first plant the seed, it is important to give the soil a good drenching so that all the soil within the seed pot is wet. This allows the seed to obsorb the water, swell and crack, allowing germination to take place. In the following days, check your seeds often to ensure the soil remains moist. A light spray with water. The seedlings should emerge around the time stated on your seed instructions. If they have not always allow an extra week as sometimes they take a little longer.
  • How much Temperature and Sunlight
    If you are planting your seeds early and there is still a change of frost outside then it is important to bring your seedlings inside of a nighttime to protect them. Whether that is insie your house or a greenhouse. Place the seedlings out into the sun of a morning. Seedlings require alot of sunlight for energy and will become long and leggy if they arent getting enough sunlight. If you are using a greenhouse enusre you are opening the doors and vents through the day as the temperatures inside will kill your seedlings.
  • Where are our seeds sourced?
    Seed Mania source our seed from various reputable suppliers. Our main supplier is a wholesale company located in Muggee NSW, who have been opperating for since 1976. They have vast knowledge in seed cultervation and continue to supply high quality seed accross Australia. Seed Mania also source private suppliers of Rare items that are sometimes difficult to find. The seed is analysed for health, quality and rate of germination. This process can often take a season before completion.
  • Are the seeds non-GMO, chemical free?"
    All of our seeds are non-GMO. There are no GMO seeds in Australia. Only commercial growers use GMO seeds. We often see companies advertise that their seeds are GMO Free- this just makes people fearful that GMO seeds exist when in fact they do not exist in Australia. We have a combination of treated and non-treated seeds however the title of the seed will indicate if it is treated. Some seeds are treated to ensure they meet Bio-security requirements, as they are not allowed to be shipped interstate without treatment. This treatment ensures pest and disease is not present on the seeds. They are still safe to grow and consume however the seed can not be consume in seed form- they are only for growing. Many of the seeds we grow personally are from treated seeds.
  • Where is my order?
    If you select standard shipping then we are unable to track your package. unfortunately due to covid, floods and other circumstances Australia Post often experience delays in different states at different times. We always recommend that registered shipping is selected. This allows you to track your package to your door.
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