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While much of the marketing of loofahs shows the sponge in a seaside setting, surrounded by seashells and the like, loofahs are not the remains of an oceanic creature (unlike sea sponges). They’re the fibrous flesh of the mature luffa gourd — and you can grow them in your home garden.

The luffa Gourd is usually used for making loofahs or sponges (Not generally used for eating but can be used in stir frys when picked young). To make your own sponge grow the seeds and leave the fruits to grow and dry out. Once they are dried you can peel off the skin and inside will be perfectly formed, natural loofahs. They can last for a long time if left dry or if you use them frequently they last for several months. A great natural alternative to a store bought sponge!

Plant in Spring and Summer (21 degrees +), scarify seed and soak overnight in warm water before sowing 6 weeks before the last frost indoors.  


Luffa Gourd / Luffa Squash Cylindrica 8 Seeds

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  • Spring